Malayalam School of St. Louis
An Ohmkaram affiliate
Malayalam School Policies and Procedures

Malayalam School of St. Louis, a nonprofit voluntary organization, is setup to foster Malayalam language education in St Louis area, Missouri. Malayalam School of St Louis is an independent affiliate of Ohmkaram. 
We strive to follow similar rules and regulations as other educational institutions. Please be considerate of all the volunteers who take lot of time and effort to run this school.
Anyone who is interested to learn the Malayalam language can attend the Malayalam School of St. Louis.  Malayalam School of St. Louis admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.  Class size is limited and advanced registration is highly encouraged.  Classes are filled on first come-first served basis.  No registration will be accepted after the 2nd working day of classes (except with prior permission to miss class for genuine reason).

Re-registration occurs on a yearly basis.  All families are expected to re-register their children for the following school year no later than the date specified on the monthly calendar.

Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the students. If you are unable to attend please inform your teacher immediately.

Under no circumstances may Malayalam School accept responsibility for children left outside before and after class. Parents are responsible to pick up their children at dismissal time. If a parent or guardian is unable to pick up a student, arrangements must be made with the teacher in advance.

In order to form proper habits and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be obeyed by every student:

1.The classroom doors will be closed during class time.
2.Students are not allowed to write on the tables or building walls.
3.There is no break time.
4.Eating and drinking are prohibited in the building.
5.No chewing gums are allowed inside the class room.
6.Since we have several classes in one room students are not allowed to run around or interfere other classes.
7.Time out may be given to students who misbehaves or break the rules repeatedly after 2 warnings. Time out involves sitting aside alone and writing assignment. We will inform parents after 3 third warning.
8.Please maintain the cleanliness of our classroom.
9.Toys, ear phones are not allowed.

All students are required to inform their teacher’s if you have any allergies.  Parents or guardians are required to bring their medication for emergency situation.  Malayalam School is not responsible for any medical emergencies or expenses. Malayalam school will not be responsible for any medical emergencies that may arise during school hours. Snacks distributed after the class should be checked by parents before giving them to their children for any allergens. Parents are responsible to bring snacks for their children if they have any food allergy.

Students can have the opportunity to volunteer for Malayalam School if they meet the below requirements.

1.Complete Malayalam school advanced level.
2.Attendance 75% or more for previous year.
3.Ability to communicate in Malayalam with other students.

1.Class timings maybe changed at the discretion of the coordinators.
2.Any exception to above rules has to be discussed with the Malayalam School coordinators.
3.All homework needs to be completed before coming for the next class.